About The Bad Epicurean

An Epicurean is someone who ascribes to the teachings of the 4th centure BCE Philosopher, Epicurus. His teaching saught to improve the lives of his disciples, by teaching that we cause ourselves to suffer when we focus on our fears and what we want, rather than on enjoying when we have what we need. He would say, for instance, that the man who is satisfied with porridge is happier than the man who wants rich food and drink.

An epicurean (note the capitalization) or epicure is someone devoted to sensual pleasure, or with sensitive tastes in food and wine.

This is simultaneously a sometimes starkly personal lifeblog, and an attempt at serious Philosophy. In short, I intend to put my life on display, holding it up to the lens to discover whether I sometimes live according to Epicurean ideals, or fall short as a mere epicurean.


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